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Turkish Apt. Owner's Act
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Turkish Apartment Owner's Act
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The name and surname, business and home addresses of the manager shall be written in a frame near the entrance door of the main building or in a place visible from the doorway. Otherwise, the manager or each member of the management board shall be punished by the same court with a fine from 50 Turkish liras to 250 Turkish liras.

II – Duties of the manager:

1. Conduct of general management works:

Article 35 – Responsibilities of the manager shall be defined in the management plan; unless otherwise stipulated in the management plant, the manager shall conduct the following works:

a) Fulfilling the decisions made by the board of flat owners;

b) Taking the necessary precautions for the intended use, protection, maintenance and repair of the Main building;

c) Insuring the Main building;

d) Collecting suitable amounts of money from flat owners for the costs of general management of Main building in addition to the protection, repair and cleaning works and for the costs of lift, central heating and air-conditioning and of insurance at dates specified in the management plan; and if no such date is specified, in the first month of every calendar year and collecting a second amount of money when the collected sum has been spent;

e) Accepting payments related to the management of the Main building; paying the debts arising from the management, and collecting the rents of the independent flats if duly authorized by the flat owners to this end;

f) Receiving the notifications which relate to the whole Main building;

g) Ensuring that all due dates and times for work related to the Main building are met and taking all necessary precautions not to lose any right pertaining to the Main building.

h) Taking the proper precautions on behalf of the flat owners for issues in favour of them about the protection and maintenance of the Main building.

i) Instituting legal action and enforcement proceedings against flat owners who fail to fulfil their obligations and pay their debts in connection with flat ownership, and registering the liabilities in the flat owners’ ledger;

j) Opening a bank account to his/her name in the capacity of manager of the main building in a renowned bank for depositing and withdrawing the fees collected towards the expenditures.

k) Calling the board of flat owners to convene.

2. Keeping of ledger and documents:

Article 36 – The manager shall be obliged to record all decisions and protocols of the board of flat owners and summaries and dates of all notices and notifications served and all expenditures – in order of date – in a ledger defined in Article 32, and shall keep all receipts for the expenditures and all other documents in a folder.

The ledger shall be taken by the manager to a notary public to be closed within a month after the end of each calendar year.

The manager who fails to execute his/her obligations under this article shall be punished with the fines specified in the last paragraph of Article 33.

3. Preparing operations plan:

Article 37 – (Amended article: 13/04/1983 – Article 2814/12)

If there is no operations plan accepted by the board of flat owners, the manager shall prepare an operations plan without delay.

The plan shall specifically indicate:

a) Estimated revenues and expenditures of the Main building for a period of one year;
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